Basketball & Soccer Leagues

January 10, 2023 jnichols194 Blog

We are so excited about being able to host both a basketball and an indoor soccer league here at the Megan Kelley Dream Center! We need coaches and officials for both leagues this coming season. If this sounds like something you’d be willing to help us out with, then fill out the form below and let’s get you in the game!

Dream Center Sports Signup

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    1. I grant to any of the Breakaway Ministries, Inc. and The Megan Kelley Dream Center, its leaders, or their contracted agents and its leaders the right to represent me in decisions relating to my welfare or the group welfare during the particular event, and I agree to follow those suggestions made on my behalf.
    2. I hereby grant any of the Breakaway Ministry, Inc. and The Megan Kelley Dream Center leaders or contracted agents my permission to authorize medical treatment and medications on my behalf. I also understand I will not hold Breakaway Ministries, Inc. and The Megan Kelley Dream Center, or any of its leaders, or any contracted agents responsible for the results of such treatment, medications, or decisions made on my behalf.
    3. I understand that risks including, but not limited to, death or injury by accident, disease, terrorist acts, weather conditions, and inadequate medical services and supplies. I accept these conditions with full awareness and I assume all risks of death, injury, illness, terrorist assaults, and personal property loss or damage associated with such risks.
    4. I waive any and all claims for damages against Breakaway Ministries, Inc., The Megan Kelley Dream Center, their leaders, and their contracted agents, arising from death, injury, illness, inconvenience, or in property damage or loss occurring for any reason included but not limited to any negligent act or acts of Breakaway Ministries, Inc. and The Megan Kelley Dream Center, its leaders, or contracted agents which may in any way cause death, injury, illness, inconvenience or property damage or loss to me. I have read this release in its entirety, understand its contents, and agree to all of them of my own free will.
    5. Governing Law/Venue: In accepting service from us in this agreement shall be governed only by the laws of the state of Alabama. I hereby relinquish all rights to pursue any legal action against Breakaway Ministries, Inc. and The Megan Kelley Dream Center, its leaders, its staff, its volunteers, and the contracted agents of Breakaway Ministries, Inc. or the venue for the pursuit of any legal action against the above stated parties.

    I hereby certify that all the information provided above is true and without omission. I also understand that I am not guaranteed acceptance into the volunteer position with Breakaway Ministries, Inc. and The Megan Kelley Dream Center. I understand fully that the action of providing falsified information is against the moral and biblical code of Breakaway Ministries, Inc. and that I will not be accepted if I have omitted or falsified information. I also accept that it is not my right to serve but my privilege to be able to serve God through this ministry.