January 10, 2018 raegannicole17 Blog

As I sit here and type this, I am heartbroken, but very optimistic about the future. This morning, one of the inner city girls I have been mentoring and investing time into since September missed her bus for school. Her mom called Eddie and asked if he could pick her up and take her. (Which is not unusual, because I took her to school for months when they were homeless, before we got them into their apartment where they live now.) She got in the car, and Eddie was small talking with her and catching up on how the holidays were.

Eddie proceed to ask her what she got for Christmas. She replied, “a doll, a nail kit, crayons… well you know, everything y’all gave me, because y’all are the ones who got us the presents!” (We provided Christmas for the kids in her apartment complex through our Dream Team program.)

Eddie replied, “oh yeah, I knew about those, but I meant what you got from your parents.”

She replied, “oh nothing…he (the father figure in her life) told me he would get me something after Christmas… but I haven’t gotten anything.” (This child is nine years old, and got nothing for Christmas.)

As the conversation went on, she then proceed to tell Eddie this:

“I have to sell these erasers at school today!”

Eddie replied, “sell erasers? Why?”

She replied, “well there’s a book fair, and I need nine dollars to buy what I want.”

Eddie gave her money for the book fair, and sent her into school.

THIS is what I want y’all to know. These are the REAL kids and REAL lives I work with everyday. The reason our ministry exists is to help kids like this sweet girl and her family by supplying role models to encourage her, and help her through her toughest days. We can’t change the parents most of the time, but we can change kids lives. You may think that just because your city isn’t a third world country, or your city isn’t a $2,000 mission trip, that there isn’t work or lives to be changed. Those mission trips do a lot of good, don’t get me wrong, because mission work is needed everywhere. However, don’t lose sight of the mission field in your own backyard first. Some of us are not able to travel far for missions, and that can make us feel so insignificant. BUT, there is missions everywhere you turn!!! Most of these parents put the kids through some tough life situations, it is evident. Some of the parents cannot give, support, or provide for their families. With your help, we can continue to provide for these kids, and get The Megan Kelley Dream Center open so we can continue to be the figures in their life that they need.

This sweet girl, and SO many others are suffering through this situation, and they all mean the world to me. Maybe you can only give $5, that is OK. $5 is more than we had before. Thank you for reading, and I hope you pray to help give and help serve a ministry that is so important to me and this community.